Shipping Unavailable From June 28 through July 7

To give our factory staff time for vacation, we will not be shipping orders from Friday, June 28th, through Sunday, July 7th. All dollies are handmade in the United States and we are dedicated to building the best products. To that end, we are also dedicated to giving our skilled employees some needed rest after months of hard work.


AllDolly is an appliance moving solutions business based in Auburn, California, America. All of our dollies, accessories, and replacement parts are built with the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes.


(530) 269-1944

11417 Overhill Drive
Auburn, California 95602



“I was immediately impressed with the fit and finish when I received my AllDolly. When using the AllDolly it performs as advertised. It is easy to use and store in my service vehicle.Thanks for a good product.”

Jimmy Pierce
Whiteville Appliance Repair

“The AllDolly is a great dolly that every solo technician should have. Even custom recessed double wall ovens are now not problem to repair with this handy dolly. It is well built and it helps me look like a real appliance superhero! I like my AllDolly!”


“I’ve had an AllDolly for a couple of months and have already used it many times. It’s beyond helpful and makes working on wall ovens so much easier. It’s now an essential tool in my truck”

David Oliva

This product is worth every penny spent on it. Used it for other companies in the past years and it is a fantastic product and I will always have one. Well thought out product for use on wall ovens and even stack dryers. Can’t say enough good about this product. Love it !


Proud owner of several of your products!

Gleidt Enterprises

I am very pleased with the all dolly equipment we received a few months ago! We can not imagine appliance repair without it. I would like to get the same thing to outfit another truck.

Allen L Fisher
Lapp Gas Appliance, Gordonville PA