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Tall Expandable Break Down AllDolly

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Available Options

ADTBX-200 Base Price (no options)
ADTBX-201 with HyGrip
ADTBX-202 with Shelf
ADTBX-203 with HyGrip + Shelf

NEW! Need more height for appliances over counter height & more width, the Tall Expandable AllDolly is just the thing and like all the others works well for the traveling appliance repair trainer or urban repair technician that has minimal space to spare in your vehicle by adding the optional Storage Bag or Carry Case.


NOTE:  Storage Bag NOT included.  The Storage Bag can be ordered in the Accessories section.

NEW! The Updated Tall Expandable AllDolly has an adjustable width from 31″ to a maximum 41″ in width and a range of height from 6 1/2″ to 44″ (depending on how you assemble the support beams). It can be used for the removal, support, repair andre-installation of most built in appliances particularly Ovens and can be used to service most other appliances too. With the Accessory shelf it can be used as a adjustable height work table which can be easily fold and stored against a wall or hung up on hooks. Or add the optional Storage Bag or Carry Case for added protection and smaller / denser storage.

Key Benefits:

  • Patented rotating legs provide flexibility of shape and movement which allow work and support in tight places.
  • Six non-marking casters each rated to 80 lbs. each.
  • Total Capacity over 450 lbs.
  • All Steel construction, Zinc plated.
  • Support beams adjust from approx. 6 1/2″ to 44″.
  • Folds to 34″ W x 48″ high x 2″ thick, for storage (similar to a folding table) and transportation.
  • Can be disassembled and stored in either the optional Storage Bag or hard Case (both sold separately in the Accessories section).
  • Weighs just about 27 lbs.
  • Availability:In Stock
  • Model: ADTBX-200

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 17 × 5 in

2 reviews for Tall Expandable Break Down AllDolly

  1. Tim – "Expandable TallDolly works for me!"

    I own my own appliance repair business, a one man show. I also have a very bad back, and hurt all the time from it. There are instances where I come across jobs of stackable washer and dryers, or a microwave over the counter. With those types of job’s, I must have help lifting the appliances, I cannot lift much at all anymore. Or I must turn down the job. I came across this Alldolly through a discussion board in a forum I belong too – ServiceTechHelp. A few guy’s had purchased them and spoke highly about it. I finally bought one and love it. Within a week of purchase, I needed it and what a great asset it is. I was installing a new built in double oven, and first had to remove the old one. It was a simple 1 minute procedure using the alldolly! I could not believe how easy it made doing business for me.
    Pros- made from durable tubing, chrome plated with welded joints. Adjustable width and height of the unit. Rolls very smooth and easy.
    Cons-the instructions were not the greatest. I bought the expandable breakdown Alldolly, and the instructions were for the alldolly that was not breakable. Some confusion right off the start. It comes with a very nice bag to transport, but you must break it down quite a bit to get it inside the bag. Until I get the hang of what goes where, I am going to have to mark the pieces that go together, so I am not using up the customers time at the job putting it together. Need better instructions for use, and installation. Also the ability to remove the appliance from the dolly is difficult. Must bring other equipment along to slide off the appliance, or slide on the new appliance. The next time if I bought one, I would give great thought to buying the adjustable height alldolly.

  2. 5 Volt Electronics

    Thank You for this magic AllDolly I purchased about a month ago… works like a charm. I’m 55 and I manage it all by myself. I have already used it 4 times and I thank you for this invention.

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