The Lifting AllDolly 31


The Lifting AllDolly provides the ability to lift and lower most appliances. Based on the same patented design as our famous Standard and Expandable AllDollys. Call or email to order this Lifting Alldolly.

Please call or email us to order this Lifting AllDolly.

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NOTE: This product is currently Back Ordered. Please contact us PRIOR to purchase.

The Lifting AllDolly is based on the same patented design as our famous Standard and Expandable AllDollys but with an added drive system that provides the ability to lift and lower most appliances. There are two 1/4″ hex drive points (one on either side) so you can drive the system with your power drill from either side should one side become obstructed, use the flexible design of the AllDolly to raise and lower just about any oven or other appliance to or from height!

The Lifting AllDolly currently comes in two widths. This model has a maximum working width of 31″ inches. Weighs about 41 pounds. This product is becoming quite popular since single and double ovens continue to grow in size and weight. With either width the Lifting AllDolly will save huge amounts of wear and tear on you or you technicians backs and arms and are particularly useful when doing installations. The Accessory Fork sprovide the ability to lift an appliance directly from floor level.

Model: ADL-100

Additional information

Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 38 × 5 in


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