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Easily Remove a Wall Oven with One Person using the AllDolly

This 2.5 minute video shows how easy it is for one person to remove a wall oven using the AllDolly.

Easily Install a Wall Oven with One Person Using the AllDolly

This 2 minute video will show you how easy it is for one person to install a wall oven using the AllDolly.

Mini AllDolly Capabilities

With the help of the Mini AllDolly one person can remove a free standing laundry appliance (even from a pan without damage to the pan or appliance).

Mini AllDolly Capabilities

Basic use of the Mini AllDolly to install a free standing Dryer / Washer in a drain pan.

One person is all it takes

One person with a Standard or Expandable AllDolly can remove or repair and reinstall a builtin appliance! Quickly and easily!

How To Remove a Built-in Oven…with One Person and a Lifting AllDolly!

One person and a Lifting AllDolly can quickly and easily remove a builtin oven!

Install a Builtin Oven using a Lifting AllDolly

With the help of the Lifting AllDolly one person can raise a double oven to cabinet height place in cabinet and remove support in just a few minutes with the help of a power drill motor.

The Lifting AllDolly Can lift over 600 pounds!

How much can it lift? A fifty five gallon drum filled to the top with water (about 460 pounds) plus one tech (weighs about 165 pounds) for a total weight of 625 pounds. We have been told that it has lifted a 36″ double oven weighing nearly 750 pounds.

F&P Wall Oven

The proper procedure for removing an F&P wall vven for service.

How to Remove A Dryer Stacked on A Washer

Using an AllDolly to remove a stacked dryer.

Airsled + AllDolly For Removal of Stacked Dryer

If you own an Airsled system and a Tall AllDolly, the Airsled Stacked Dryer Shelf Kit is a great solution for making the removal of heavy, stacked dryers safe and easy.